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Chemical Anchoring for rebars.

Connecting System by chemical anchoring of new bars in an existing structure (slab, beam, column,…)

Benefits of ANKROCHIM:

Ankrochim epoxy resin:

  • is in the form of 300 ml 410 ml or 600 ml cartridge, therefore, easy to inject
  • needs a processing temperature after anchoring between -40°C and +80°C. The resin can be used in wet and dry conditions
  • can be used in the most aggressive environments (salt water, swimming pool,…)
  • can be used in ceilings
  • is an Odor-free resin, that doesn’t contain styrenes nor any other solvent
  • iss not hazardous, nor flammable
  • is not toxic and is suitable for use with potable water
  • has properties that recover after temporary exposure to high temperatures (fire)
  • SF800E provides extended curing time