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Moment Jointec Coupler

Brand: Halfen Moment

The Moment® JoinTec (JT) coupler ensures full performance splicing joint with its proof stressed bar ends. The extended long thread provides swift installation simply by turning the coupler instead of the bar itself.

While lap splicing depend largely on the bond between concrete and steel to transfer load, Moment® JoinTec coupler with its unique parallel – thread, assures positive alignment locking connection thus providing a load path of continuity and structural integrity. The Moment® JoinTec coupler behaves as a continuous length reinforcement bar by promoting full strength in tension, compression and stress reversal situations.

Stringent compliance with current concrete design standards. The use of Moment® JoinTec coupler eliminates tedious calculations to determine the proper lap lengths. Moment® JoinTec coupler also reduces potential design errors while eliminating wastage and unnecessary rebar cost.

Benefits of JoinTec Coupler:

  • Increases tensile and compressive capacity of RC structures elements.
  • Is commonly used in the constructions of inclined columns, long columns, long beams, and cantilevered structures where tensile loadings are greater than normal situation
  • Avoids congestion of reinforcement bars in heavily reinforced structures due to laps. It reduces concrete/steel ratio and improves concrete quality by having bigger space between bars
  • Avoids formation of voids or honey-comb in concrete elements
  • Protects expensive system formwork from being damaged by starter bars
  • Avoids stains, corrosion and breakage of starter bars left for future extension of buildings and other structures. So it ALLOWS the construction of bridges in stages to ensure constant flow of traffic during construction
  • Avoids bend and re-bend of bigger reinforcement bars in construction of diaphragm walls
  • Is used where a full tension splice is required e.g. in connecting precast members to cast-in-situ members
  • Is mandatory for epoxy coated rebars