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Starter Bar Box for construction joints.

Stabox allows a connection between two concrete elements through their reinforcement, without drilling in the formwork.

The dovetail shape guarantees a tongue and groove connection between the two concreting phases, limits the width of cracks caused by shrinkage, and improves the water-tightness of the structural joint.

Stabox avoids “human mistakes” and aims for safer construction.

Benefits of STABOX:

  • A double internal dovetail shape that fixes the profile in the concrete and limits the width of cracks caused by shrinkage. Only the Stabox can improve the water-tightness of the structural joint.
  • A diamond shaped pattern on the surface of the casing that improves the bonding between the box and concrete, and allows the transfer of shear forces.
  • Corrugated edges on the sides that prevent displacement of the casing when the lid is removed, thus improving the quality of the anchoring.
  • Polystyrene inserts, which are perfectly adapted to the shape of the casing and which prevent the penetration of cement slurry along the sides of the casing