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Heavy duty shear dowels in concrete slabs.

Titan Connector allows the transmission of shear forces in expansion joints. It avoids any stick-slip phenomenon.

This product is a cost effective solution since it eliminates the necessity of using corbels or additional support beams, columns and walls.

Benefits of TITAN:

  • Shear forces are distributed more efficiently in the structure by centering the loads
  • Perfect positioning guaranteed by Titan mounting flange and positioning clips
  • Adjustable locating pin to ensure perfect horizontal positioning
  • The Titan reinforcement cages are extremely stable
  • Separate mounting components simplify the reinforcement
  • Saving in reinforcement with respect to other dowel systems
  • CSTB (French Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction Research Institute) recognition
  • Sufficient use of stainless steel eliminates any possible corrosion issues
  • More efficient structures possible eliminating the need for corbels,
  • reduce risk of cracks
  • Sound insulation in option using sound stop sheath
  • Higher height under ceiling